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Professionally Established in 2015, Aches for Cakes is a flavor oriented patisserie that aims to excite and satisfy your taste buds!
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About us

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Aches for Cakes OmanOnce upon a time (a few years ago) starting out as a home business, Aches for Cakes was a project born out of the love and curiosity of baking.  Due to the popularity and demand, we have been able to grow and flourish.

Professionally Established in 2015, Aches for Cakes is a flavor oriented patisserie that aims to excite and satisfy your taste buds! We ensure top quality raw materials such as Valrhona chocolates as well as Madagascar vanilla beans (blah blah blah but really you could honestly taste the difference with our products!)

“I love working with different tastes that bring your senses alive. Chocolate is chocolate, passion fruit is passion fruit we don’t skimp on the intensity of flavor. Your trust gives me the motivation to innovate creatively with no hesitation to deliver higher standards of deliciousness! As a pastry chef, I look forward to taking you on a scrumptious journey”

Hanan Al Busaidi

The Chemistry

We don’t just throw stuff together and call it after a brand, our combinations of taste and flavors are based on years of education and experience.

The Ingredients

At aches for cakes, we use only the best ingredients for our products (You can’t make gold from copper).

The Love

Everything is made from scratch with the finest ingredients. Our secret ingredient is love (not much of a secret anymore).

Just About Time

Your order is always ready on time, just as we promised. (Unless we run out of baking soda)

The Trust

Aches for cakes is made based on trust, your trust gives us motivation to deliver higher standards of deliciousness.

The Availability

Whether you are on your phone or your laptop, we accept orders online, over the phone or if you pay us a visit.

What They Say?

Its the Best

Aches for Cakes took a step in another level that changed my imaginations about Bakery products. I highly recommend their products. The taste and packaging is phenomenal.

Bryan Patterson


Let’s start with the looks cuz I eat with my eyes too, the cookies looked so yummy and awesome. I can easily say these cookies are one of the most delicious cookies I ever tried in Oman, rich taste and top quality.

Hussein Al Nabulsi

Well Done

I tried their mixed cookies box, and it was just amazing, so fresh, combination of ingredients could not be better than this. Beyond expectations.


Our Promise

Bakery products made up an important element of our everyday diet. For this reason, while manufacturing them we use only high-quality ingredients. We use the modest baking technologies. Technologies applied allows to obtain products of excellent flavor and are absolutely consumer-friendly.

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